felines and feminists cat kicker
felines and feminists cat kicker

felines and feminists cat kicker

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felines and feminists cat kicker with refillable catnip pouch

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Ciao Gatto Cat Market classic organic cat kickers are a must have for every distinguished cat’s toy collection. Each kicker is mindfully made by hand in small batches using the most superior materials to ensure that they are non toxic, durable and ready for some bunny kicks!

Kicker measures approximately 10” long and 2” wide and features a refillable pouch. So much detail goes into each and every one of these beloved toys! USA organically grown catnip…approximately 1/4 cup per kicker…wool stuffing sourced from New England farms, small batch linen cotton canvas printed right here in the USA with pet safe eco friendly inks. All sewn together with 100% natural cotton thread from Germany.

* Kicker measures approximately 10”x 2
* Refillable pouch - to add more catnip later if desired
* Stuffed with USA grown organic catnip - approx 1/4 cup each and New England sourced natural wool
* Made with durable linen cotton canvas - eco friendly and pet safe fabric printing
* Free domestic shipping included

Exclusive fun fabrics to be enjoyed by cat moms and dads and luxe materials to engage and captivate your favorite feline family member. All sizes are approximate as each item is handmade and has slight variations.

Free domestic shipping always included
Plastic free zero waste packaging, recyclable and/or compostable

Eco-Logical and Eco-Friendly
Handmade in the USA
Small Batch Business
Woman Owned
Mindfully Made by Hand

Here's what some of our customers have said about our products:

-“Item is top quality and seller is a delight. I know where I’ll be getting cat toys from now on”

-“I am a very loyal customer. I know every purchase will be top tier in the world of cat toys. Each item is always of excellent quality. I'm really grateful for such vendors to ensure my cats get the best”

-“This is our 2nd batch of tortellinis, we love them so much! My kitties will roll all over them, hide them under the couch and fridge and even play fetch with them. Perfect! And in neutral colors to match my decor”

-“Kickers are just beautiful! The only seller who sells truly eco- nontoxic kickers. A product you can feel good about giving your cat.”

-“This are the greatest cat kickers ever made. I have 2 for my cats and have started ordering them for my friends’ cats. Super sturdy and the catnip is very effective”

-“The CiaGattoCatMarket toys are among the absolute best cat toys that I've found. Their quality in construction, the materials that she uses, are absolutely premium in quality. The fact that these kickers are refillable is just great! Highly, highly recommend!”

Our certified organic catnip is grown in the USA and has raving reviews on it’s potency. It’s much appreciated by felines all around the world!

Now in Europe too!
Ciao Gatto Cat Market classic kickers are currently sold in the USA as well as many brick and mortar retail locations in Europe including England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and France.

Please note that we recommend supervising your cat while playing with any toys. As with all plush toys these are not indestructible.
We do not provide any guarantees on product safety, but our pet toys were designed with safety in mind, play responsibly and put safety first! During or after play if the toy has come apart use your judgement to remove hazardous pieces.
If you find that there is a safety issue with your product, please report the problem by contacting Ciao Gatto Cat Market. We will not be liable for any kind of damage or injury whether direct or indirect.

Wool stuffing may contain some other small organic matter as well

NO toxic mass produced fabrics ( we use a small batch eco friendly supplier )
NO toxic synthetic poly fil ( we use 100% natural wool sourced from New England farms )
NO chemical ridden conventional catnip ( ours is sourced from a USA grown organically grown supplier )
NO plastic packaging ( we use eco friendly recyclable or compostable ) ZERO WASTE

Materials: USA grown organic catnip,eco friendly linen cotton canvas,wool stuffing sourced from New England farms



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